Gerardo Santos
In his childhood years, Gerardo used to spend hours looking throught the windows of a photo gallery on Boulevard Saint Michel, in the city center of Paris where he grew up. At the age of ten he received the Christmas present that would forever change his life: a Pentax Spotmatic F” Camera.
Today, Gerardo is an Editor/Reporter at Global Imagens Agency, and works for some of the most important newspapers and magazines in the country. Since 1990, he published in titles such as: Notícias Magazine ; Diário de Notícias ; Jornal de Notícias ; Evasões ; Volta ao Mundo ; ; Men´s ; Dinheiro VivoRecord ; Gazeta dos Desportos ; O Jogo ; 24horas , 24horas Magazine ; Tal & Qual ; Visão ; Tv Mais … 
Before, he worked as an assistant for many professional photographers, such as Portuguese advertisement specialist Vitor Rosado and German fashion legend Orion Dahlmann, and shared professional projects with great photographers like Alfredo Cunha, Luís Vasconcelos, Acácio Franco and Fernando Ricardo. Gerardo studied image and visual communication at António Arroio School of Art in Lisbon, and has an BA Licentiate degree of Photography and Visual Culture, by IADE - Creative University. 
Since 1984, Gerardo Santos lives in Lisbon, but never forgot those childhood years looking at those pictures through a Parisian window.